Compare loans – without Bank worries!

Anyone can quickly and easily compare loans online today. 

Compare loans –  Offers before you actually take out a loan – nevertheless, not everyone does it

Compare loans -  Offers before you actually take out a loan - nevertheless, not everyone does it

One possible reason for the reluctance is that there are still too many consumers believing that a credit comparison would worsen their score on the Bank and thus the chance of a loan. However, this fear is basically unjustified.

It is highly recommended that potential borrowers first compare loans individually to find the cheap loan, save money and minimize the financial burden. However, care must be taken that it is a “credit condition request”.


Compare loans without fear

Compare loans without fear

Contrary to many fears, a credit request does not fundamentally degrade the Bank score value. A small but fine feature makes the significant difference. Since 2006, there is the feature “request credit terms”, this request at the Bank does not affect the score value in the least. Not even if several requests are made to the credit terms. Although this condition request is saved by Bank for one year, it is only visible to the banks for 10 days.

Therefore, you can compare loans without fear of his credit rating. However, if a request for the feature “request credit” is made, that is, a concrete loan offer is obtained, this can actually have a negative effect on the own score value. This request is also saved for a year and so the score value for at least one year “worsened”.

Therefore, you should always make sure that the banks or online comparison portals for the creation of personal offers just make a credit terms request.

Compare loans with little effort

Compare loans with little effort

It would be very time-consuming and cumbersome to rattle each bank individually or to place a request repeatedly on the banks’ various websites. This is exactly where credit comparison portals like English Lending come into play. We compare fast and easy online loans for you and also offer you top conditions. Until 31.08. For example, our special offer with Germany’s cheap online loan is running at 0.99% eff. pa – an unbeatable offer.


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